The male artform of pulling one's 'ball bag' up over the penis and stretching it wide, this creating the 'bat wing'.
Met lucy down the pub the other night and surprised her by flashing her the bat wing.
by stuey_boy June 07, 2011
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When you're sweaty, and your sac starts stickin to your inner thighs.
Aw man, I have the worst bat wings right now
by Bobbo February 14, 2003
When you stretch the extra skin betwen your balls out far and flat, like a sheet of paper. So you can see the veins and everything, like a batwing.

So i asked him if this was the can of pant he wanted, and when he looked over i was givin' him the batwing.
by sLuGo January 13, 2006
when your sack sticks to both legs
"damn i have major batwings right now"
"batwings release!"
by anonymous February 12, 2004
To grab the extra skin on ones scrotal tissue and stretch them out to each side, with the penis in the middle. The veins in the testicles resemble the structure of a bats wings.

Term used in the movie "Waiting" which deserves three kicks if caught looking at one.
"aww no!! not the bat wing!!"
"haha, gotcha my friend. now that three kicks you raging cock-smoker"
by mentallyblind February 13, 2006
When its hot and sweaty and your ball-sack sticks to the sides of your legs. Forming a bat-wing. See also Half-Caf Batwing
Damn this NorCal heat, I've got a brutal Bat Wing goin.
by its426 October 22, 2003
Bat Wings are what guys get when things get sweaty downstairs and your ball sack starts sticking to the side of your thighs.
I get batwings everyday at work from sitting for hours. It tickles when i yank them apart from my thighs.
by musclenutz September 28, 2004
when you stretch out your ballsack like paper, then get another man to inadvertently look at it. This is followed by the ballsack exposer calling the looker gay and kicking him in the ass twice.
Guy1: Dammit! my ass hurts like shit now!

Guy2: Well then you shouldn't have look at my batwing, Fag!
by george133 July 31, 2010

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