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Boston. Follows the new England Trend of adding "a" were "o" is commonly said. Why, because we ah that Fackin' cool.
Tim: The Yankees suck nuts.
Ryan: And Why the Fack is that?
Tim: Cause they'ah from New Yahk and nat Baston, cause New Yoahahs ah a bunch of fairys who drink stahbucks and live in "the city".
by Padraig May 04, 2005
born 4/21/82... he perfected the roundhouse kick at a young age. at the age of 7, October 17, 1989 at 5:04 p.m., he performed the kick which actually made contact with a tree and caused the Loma Prieta earthquake.
Caveman forgot bastons lunch for the 5th time... caveman never saw it coming...
by jasonlo54444 August 20, 2008
Word that New Englanders cant pronounce the word is BOSTON but those freaking idiots cant speak proper english this shit is funny cuz they are dumbasses
Go Baston Redsax

Im a complete idiot cuz im from Baston

The Baston Red Sox suck ass compared to the Yankees
by Matt October 13, 2004
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