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Boston. Follows the new England Trend of adding "a" were "o" is commonly said. Why, because we ah that Fackin' cool.
Tim: The Yankees suck nuts.
Ryan: And Why the Fack is that?
Tim: Cause they'ah from New Yahk and nat Baston, cause New Yoahahs ah a bunch of fairys who drink stahbucks and live in "the city".
by Padraig May 04, 2005
17 1
born 4/21/82... he perfected the roundhouse kick at a young age. at the age of 7, October 17, 1989 at 5:04 p.m., he performed the kick which actually made contact with a tree and caused the Loma Prieta earthquake.
Caveman forgot bastons lunch for the 5th time... caveman never saw it coming...
by jasonlo54444 August 20, 2008
3 3
Word that New Englanders cant pronounce the word is BOSTON but those freaking idiots cant speak proper english this shit is funny cuz they are dumbasses
Go Baston Redsax

Im a complete idiot cuz im from Baston

The Baston Red Sox suck ass compared to the Yankees
by Matt October 13, 2004
4 9