Cheating on your husband; Resault: Thee ugly son.
"Wow! Joe-nasty your must be the bastard child!"
by Sorry Grandma May 29, 2009
Top Definition
A child born to unmarried parents, see Love Child
umm... what can you put for an example of such stupidity? No comdum.
by Tabzie July 04, 2005
Child born with unwed parents or with a father that isn't mothers husband.
Martha had an affair with her co-worker and had a bastard child.
by doggy t December 11, 2006
Justin katerburg

Any child born out out of marriage. Not including Scandinavians.
Toowelloo: hey Justin! Stop compulsively lying about everything. You're a bastard child so it's understandable

Justin: no dude my dad was a pro snowboarder in the 80's

Tyrone: sure. Then he had to quit to deal with the bastard child that you are

Justin: sobs
by Niggly4637 January 06, 2014
Term used for video game sequels that are completely unrelated to the first one. Some infamous examples include Super Mario Bros 2, Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link, and Castlevania 2: Dracula's Curse. Games like these have different gameplay mechanics and sometimes completely different enemies and final bosses (Except for Castlevania 2 in this case).

For all 3 games mentioned, they have elements that are carried on to later games of their series.
Person A: Remember that game Super Mario Bros 2?
Person B: Yeah that game was a bastard child of the Super Mario series. Bowser wasn't even in the game.
by bobusageto October 17, 2010
1.One who is a bastard and also a child
2.Someone anoying
3.A word used by Vietnamese people to describe poor white Texans
e.g. Why can't this bastard child have an import
by Mi Chun May 06, 2005
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