• child without married parents
• One who is narcissistic and unknowingly frustrating
• The killer of kenny
• A 70's band which changed thier name to Motörhead and became one of the best bands ever.
Your parents aren't married, hence you are a bastard. You covered dog shit with a leaf and left it outside your brothers' front door because you thought it was funny, you bastard. You killed kenny, you bastard.
by Kung-fu Jesus July 29, 2004
n, A person whose actions are motivated out of necessity rather than a moral code based around being perceived as nice or good.

antonym: dreamer
Movie: Flight of the Phoenix (2004)
Stuck in the desert with dwindling water supplies, Elliott (the bastard) executes an injered enemy against the wishes of the other suvivors, as he would die eventually anyway and they would have no chance of surviving were they to share water with him.
by Dyslexic Bibliophile April 27, 2007
whatever the dude from South Park says when Kenny dies (You killed Kenny, You Bastard!!!)
Da Train and Da Goldfish
by Chineko July 20, 2003
an aggresive word that people use towards one another when angry or up set

in my eyes, most men are bastards!
"he cheated on me, the bastard"
by bob is your uncle September 02, 2008
the by-product of two thoughtless folks knocking boots to get off !!
"Damn Jerome, you done got me pregnant, and now I got my own lil Bastard"
by Bastard from Birth May 13, 2005
Where's my daddy?
1. That stupid bastard!
2. Oh my god, they killed kenny, you bastard!
3. My ho's baby daddy is a bastard.
by Beast November 18, 2003
Antonym - marital spawn.
Most Marital spawn are conceived during accidental fucks somewhere between late night T.V. and the alarm; bastards are born of real lust.
by big kahuna November 11, 2003
Sometimes it's a name given to a person who has avoided all possible bad things that could have come their way. Therefore someone who is jealous of someone's outcome of a particular set of events either because they were smart or lucky could be called a Bastard.
Jim is a prude, he doesn't drink smoke or fuck.... therfore he doesn't have a shot liver, broken heart, depression, lung cancer or a sore itchy groin from having his dick in lots of vagina.... Jim is a smart guy who has avoided all of the crap people go through.... I'm jealous; therefore he is bastard.
by Prudish Bastard July 22, 2013
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