Someone who plays the bass. They have no friends because they play the bass. And they often have a little tub.(fat) Everything bad should be blamed on them because they aren't good for anything. They also eat everything in sight.
You can say you're going to raise a bear cub and tell yourself that it won't eat everything but in the end the bassist eats everything.

Wow what a bassist move.

wait, do you play the bass? because that was retarded.
by Jacarper January 24, 2011
Usually a failed guitarist who does not have the skill to play a six stringed instrument. Inevitably the brunt of all jokes within a band and not entitled to an opinion. Confined to the lower end of the frequency range shared only by snails. Credit is gained by playing with fingers rather than a pick and with more strings than four. However this only brings them up to the level of the common earthworm.

An exception to this rule is Cliff Burton (RIP)
Guitarist: Hey I just wrote this cool song - what do you guys think?

Bassist: It sucks.

Guitarist: Get out of my band.
by Andy10215 January 04, 2009
Let me tell you that a bassist is someone who learns their instrument, perfects technique, and CAN WOW people from time to time. ON A BASS

A lot of players todays are just that.... Players.

bass is the cop out string instrument

My definition is the least paid, least appreciated, most expendable, and least heard person in a band. Bands today don't really need a bassist due to guitar compressions and technology but choose to to make the rest of the band look better, plus its cheaper than buying fancy guitar effects and technology. Take it from someone who THOUGHT bass was cool and wasted 12+ years learning it just to have my recording levels lowered beyond belief and my songs taken credit for.
there are no reasons to name great bassists because there are none, and there is NO SUCH THING AS A LEAD BASS!
by Tevil March 03, 2007
For Urban Dictionary Slang Purposes: A bassist is someone who hangs around musicians.
Larry learned how to play an A, E and B on the bass guitar. This was the entire prerequisite for joining a band.
by Douglas PerfectHour February 23, 2005
Actual meaning: Someone who plays bass.
My opinion on some bassists:
Some bassists try to take control of everything and whine if they dont get their own way. The reason is that because they learn lots of different scales, modes, arpegios etc.. and they think they are musical geniouses because they no all these and try to use them in each note, when really its so easy to play scales on the bass. They dont realise that on guitar scales are far more complex and envolve more technique as well as linking them to even more complex chords etc..
Whiney Bassists need to learn that they are not master musicians just because they no some very simple scales.
1. Hello, i play bass for a band.
2. Im amazing at bass and know everything about music because i can play a blues scale!!
by Doctor_destruction July 03, 2005
Really suckey musician who says he is the best, but really needs the most work. Bassists need not play because of their unability to be heard.
Can anyone hear the bassist?
by Me February 14, 2005
A musician with the most important role in the band that is getting girls to shake their booties. Also the coolest most confident guy (or girl) because they know they can do it with single notes and simple basslines.
I can't stand that scratchy guitar solo, but something about this song makes me wanna dance. Must be the bassist.

Look at that chill bassist up there just owning it!
by Muffmaster Jones December 28, 2015

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