Short for "Bass Guitarist."

I must take issue with the idea that Punk Bassists are no good, because I can name at least three who excelled: Jah Wobble, Peter Hook, Norman Watts-Roy. QED

However - Kids, note: playing the root note of the chord eight times in a bar does NOT constitute a bass-line!
The first great bassist in rock music was John Entwistle (RIP).
The greatest exponent of the fretless bass was Jaco Pastorius (also RIP).
The greatest living bassist is Flea (not RIP yet ;-) ).
by Dr Pinch January 21, 2006
1) A musician who plays the bass guitar (or bass); the long version is a bass guitarist.

And apparently...
2) A person who hates bass or bass guitarist (combining a word such as "racist" to "bass")
Although, that gets extremely and ironically confusing.
~ "Oh my god! That bassist is fighting the bassist!"
- "Uh, what? You mean that two bass players are hitting each other?"
~ "No! It started when a bassist in the audience was talking down the bassist on the stage."
- "Why?"
~ "Because that bassist insulted that bassist for being a bassist, what a bassist wouldnormally do."
- "(?_?)............... okay..."
One whom is prejudice against those who play the bass.

On the way to the gig, the bass player was lynched by a group of bassists.
by DollaBill Johnson November 25, 2006
Someone who is prejudiced against bass players. Bassists often complain that the bass player "can't even be heard," but that's mostly because they only listen to boring pop bands who selected instruments by drawing names out of a hat.
That bassist prick doesn't think Jaco Pastorius was an important part of weather report.
by Pete Best September 24, 2005
The bass player is possibly the most important player in the band, however the bass player doesn't show up to practice, but if they do they show up 30 minutes before practice ends. The bass player is usually the brunt of all jokes.
The bassist was too cheap to buy new strings before going to the studio, so he left his shitty 15 year old strings on his cheap ass Squier. Then when the bassist left the studio, the Guitarist re-recorded all the parts of the songs the bass player was supposed to play with an American Fender Jazz Bass with new strings.
A musician with the most important role in the band that is getting girls to shake their booties. Also the coolest most confident guy (or girl) because they know they can do it with single notes and simple basslines.
I can't stand that scratchy guitar solo, but something about this song makes me wanna dance. Must be the bassist.

Look at that chill bassist up there just owning it!
by Muffmaster Jones December 28, 2015
One who discriminates against Basses

Usually tenors, sometimes altos, and sopranos when they think highly of themselves and forget about the basses' incredible falsetto
I think that most gospel composers of today are bassist because they can't seem to be able to write a decent bass part and in it's place writing a second tenor part that they want to try and make the basses sing.
by TheCheeseburger May 04, 2009
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