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Verb. To go bass fishing
Guy 1: You wanna go bassin' this weekend?
Guy 2: Totally dudester
by steelheader March 26, 2008
5 0
Playing you car stereo (with large subwoofers) very loud while driving through a neighborhood.
Kids are always bassin past my crib after dark.
by RoundRockMike January 26, 2008
8 3
Making music, usually in a garage setting where all you can hear is bass because the drums and bass drown out all other instruments.
We're bassin' at the studio. We're bassin' up the stage next.
by modEm err0r November 16, 2006
3 1
Verb; The act of rocking out or kicking ass at the bass.
Steve: "Hey, you want to grab a coffee later?"

Bailey: "Sorry brah, I can't. I'll be bassin'.
by NaturallyALDA February 02, 2011
1 0