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Having a sexual orientation to persons of the same gender. Quite popular term in North America and parts of England and East Africa.
"Hey that Bobby guy is such a bassi, he wanted to wrestle naked with Jo."

by Joker Tijuana July 10, 2008
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A toe shaped vibrator used only for the anal passage.
My girlfriend bought me a bassi...
im not going to use it...
by Bethany1989xox October 18, 2007
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An Asian spouse. Usually a tonk, has weird toes and needs to shave.
Whoa, Josh - you're such a Bassi!

by tonky-tonk October 29, 2007
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a customisable dildo, used solely for the purpose of anal penetration.
My Bassi is awesome!
by Lyog October 11, 2012
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