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A person or persons who takesover - and dominates a fishing trip by "showboating" or "bragging", and making a traditional outing completely ruined.
We ended our fishing trip early at Saratoga lake due to all of the "bassholes" that showed up.
by Chef Michael Kosh April 25, 2009
Just another word for your Asshole Boss.
Similar to "Bosshole".

See "Bussy" for a boss who is just a pussy! They are really bossy but really just a Bussy.
My boss is such an asshole, I guess that makes him a bAsshole. More like a pussy though. So, I guess he is a bussy as well.

boss Asshole bussy papcslcbb bosshole dumbass punkasspussyhomococksuckingloosercrybabybitc
by TheTraveler November 04, 2011
A basshole is a vagina that smells god awful to the point that you cant bear being around it. if you break down this word you see all the criteria fitted of having a stinky vagina. (bass) obviously a fish therefore the vagina smells like fish. (hole) A vigina is a hole so i need not to say more. finally the word (asshole) being in the term is an added bonus.
I was about to eat out this girl but she had a basshole so i had to get out of there.
by Clyde the australian November 04, 2010