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Bass fishermen who have no respect for other peoples property and carelessly bounce their lead sinkers off of other peoples boats and/or speed through "no wake" zones.
Some basshole broke my port side window yesterday, fucker got away.
by Machu Pichu October 04, 2006
20 10
A jackass that drives through residential areas at three in the morning with the subwoofers on his car stereo at maximum volume.

See also inbreeding.
I was enjoying a restful slumber, when this basshole came driving by, causing everything in my apartment to rattle, almost as if hit by some localized earthquake phenomenon.
by Lunarsight August 13, 2004
72 8
1 N. A combination of the words bastard and asshole. A bastardly asshole.

2 N. A fish butt, usually noteworthy.
1. You are such a basshole!!

2. Sweet jesus bill, would you look at the basshole on that one.
by BarryWhite May 10, 2003
25 13
Someone who is simultaneously a bastard and asshole.
Kanye West is the biggest Basshole in the United States.
by CalamityFriends September 20, 2009
10 2
1. one who acts in the manor of Lance Bass

2. somebody who follows the ways of Lance Bass (acting gay, stupid, or just plain idioticly retarded)

3. could also be a person who does a "basshole-ish" thing

4. one who lies about having cancer
Example 1: Guy 1 "Damn bro, Tom just totally puked all over my shoes!
Guy 2 "What a basshole!"

Example 2: Guy 1 "Tyrone came up behind me and slapped my ass, then gave me a wink and a reminded me of something Lance Bass would do."
Guy 2 "Yeah, that's what we call a basshole move!"
Guy 1 "Aww shit son, I should've known better..."
by powerpower02356 June 28, 2011
5 2
One who lies about having cancer.
Suzy Bass is a basshole.
by webbstudent April 28, 2008
20 17
Politely calling someone a bastard asshole in front of ones parents or the elderly
Kate's a total basshole for stealing my theme for her birthday party.
by Whitlam June 25, 2012
1 1