The extreme feeling of ecstasy derived from ridiculous amounts of bass
We all piled into his car and had a bassgasm in the parking lot.
by Rooftop Pisser March 10, 2013
Top Definition
Where a woman orgasms simply by hearing loud resinating bass notes of the correct frequency.
Man this new ICE is the shizzle! It gave Suzie a bassgasm!
by Andrew Waite May 08, 2006
The extreme feeling of orgasm when one hears a bass riff/solo that is awesome beyond belief.


Did you not hear that bassgasm??
by Dreadcock August 08, 2008
the feeling one receives after listening to Basshunter
Guy 1: Dude! Did you hear Basshunter's new song?!

Guy 2: Yeah! It totally gave me a bassgasm!
by basscreator! December 20, 2010
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