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The best female bassist and best Desert Combat player ever, who often owns a disgruntled~llama.
Wow, look at that basschick go, thats skill dude.
by Teh ub3r 1337 llama owner March 22, 2005
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A female who has the ability to rock the bass. (Either electric or upright)
Guy 1: That band has an awesome bass player
Guy 2: You mean that chick?
Guy 1: Yea that Bass Chick
by Twiceasmany February 06, 2011
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A female who has the ability to rock bass...not the instrument. She is hot and not in a hick sort of way because that is not; since there is usually teeth missing here but then again that might be a good thing for some ;) She baits her own hook, casts her own rod, touches the fish rather than just saying "get that stinky thing away from me" and holds HER giant bass up instead of standing near a 9lb bass that the boyfriend caught for a picture. She thinks bass, dreams bass, feeds bass in her fish tank and shops on e-bay for lures to catch bass. The bass that get hooked by her never saw her coming.
All my girlfriend wants to do is go to the mall and get her hair done....I need a bass chick.

Bass chicks don't play, they fish.
by WatermelFL January 09, 2012
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