The purest form of Speed (Amphetamine) in a thick paste.
Often taken in very small doses… For example pin-head size keeps average person buzzing for approx 12 hours.
I'm totally addicted to bass
Wow woah ho
Totally addicted to bass
Wow woah ho
( Puretone - Addicted to Bass )
by ChRiS February 17, 2005
The area between your balls and your ass
Lick my sweaty bass.
by Architeuthidae September 22, 2011
The cause of many earthquakes and car accidents, a ghetto blaster (way of saying something is loud and ghetto), a way of saying cool
"The cause of the car accident was bass."
"Dude, that sterrio is so bass! You can hear it in Phily!"
"That gun is so bass."
"I'm so bass."
by EL AGUA October 14, 2007
the spot between the balls and the ass
"tell him to lick my bass - that's the spot between the balls and the ass"

"damn my bass is itchy"
by garry dean June 03, 2007
Very cool or satisfying; word may have been derived from "badass".
Can be used as "bass" or "a bass".
Pronounced as "base".
"That concert last night was a huge bass."
"Bass. French fries and chicken fingers for dinner."
by EMONEYCRACK October 19, 2006
The main rival of Megaman in MM7 and MM8. He appears in a few other games as well. Bass's Japanese name is Forte. He has black armor with gold trim and a helmet with two fin-like things sticking out of the sides. He has a bluish-green crystal on his chest and his helmet. He is usually accompanied by a robotic dog named Treble (Gospel in Japan) and was originally created to kill Megaman. However, he just wants to beat Megaman and prove he's the best out there.
Some people call him Bass, and some call him Forte.
by RatchetBoo April 28, 2003
The skin line between the scrotum and the anus
person 1: whats that on jimmy butt
Person 2(changing jimmies diaper): thats the bass.
by byron1491 June 28, 2009

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