The area between your ass and your balls
how big is your bass?
by wldntyouliketooknoww May 19, 2011
I cant wait to go home from school and take a Bass
by Sonny P April 29, 2009
The word Bass is an abbreviation for, between ass and scrotom sack. It is used for describing the place that no woman should ever see, touch, or smell.
yo girl you not gonna dance with that cute guy over there?

chic #2..
naw hunnay that homie smelled like bass.
by mamichula808 June 03, 2010
the thumping in a girls clit, when they are really turned on.
When Chase rubbed me, dat bass was thumpin girllll!
by pussy_killer June 01, 2009
When it is impossible to distinguish where an obese person's back fat ends and their ass begins. Combination of the words "back" and "ass".
Nacho: Hey, that new guy William Jones that started yesterday, is one fat motherfucker.

Gabe: Fuck yeah, he's so fat that he don't just have ass, he's got bass.
by Gabriel D. Sanchez May 22, 2009
A portmanteau of the words "Bad" and "Ass", pronounced like you would the instrument, not the fish. This word can just be used as a replacement for saying "Bad-Ass", so that it comes out quicker, and is not construed as being socially impolite.
"Dude, Batman is such a BAMF."
"Yeah dude, The Dark Knight was a friggin' bass movie."
by mr hat n clogs September 08, 2008
from the latin words "bad" and "ass" meaning "bad-ass".
That guy is one bass mother fucker!
by Daniel Andrews August 15, 2007

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