A larger, lower form of the electric guitar, and a relatively young instrument that can be played in many different ways.

Some people think that the bass is easy to play or useless or rah rah. To some degree, this is true. Most pop songs' basslines have a one-note range, and in a lot of extremely hard rock the bass is completely drowned out (between multiple distortion guitars and a guy screaming his lungs out). Being a bassist is a "skill-optional" thing; if you just want to be in a band and be a wallflower you more than likely can find one.

However, a GOOD bassline will make the music far far better. There are many skilled virtuostic players (billy sheehan, jaco, vic wooten, etc). Many Japanese VK bands have a very powerful bassline; Tetsu, Toshiya, J, are all good ones. And who can forget Flea. A good bassline drives a song and makes you shake your booty. And slap bass is teh pwn j00 nooby guitar.

Bass doesn't suck. But a lot of bassists do, and can get away with it because their band can't find any others and just drown them out.
I play bass. I pwn j00.
by w.lu January 25, 2006
Low frequency oscillations produced by rapid movement of large volumes of air at multiple cycles per second thus producing a very low rumbling sound that is harnessed and used in music form
Hey mr. dj why dont you drop that bass
by Justice October 15, 2002
The loud thumping undertones in most music that isn't crap which tends to shake the walls when played at an extremely high volume and will definitely piss your hallmates off.
Devil of Westchester: Baby could you turn down your bass?
Retard: You wanna do it?
by Reject of the Earth August 06, 2005
The lowest male singing voice. In opera and musicals, they play buffoons, kings, priests, fathers, the Devil, and other miscellaneous parts. Male counterpart to the contralto, although much more common.
Whoa, now that's low! I like the bass! So majestic, so elegant... but it sounds kinda spooky.
by Sam October 29, 2004
Bass is one of the most beautiful musical instruments in existence - upright, electric or acoustic, whatever you like better - they're all magical.

Without bass in the room, music can be heard, but not felt.
That girl's a bassist man, she's amazing.

... I CALL DIBS!!!!
by jazzdrummer25 June 23, 2009
Commonly used word in the Beaches area of Toronto and beyond.

A.) Bass refers to the one and only C-Bass. Bass has become a common 'slang' in the teenage language. It is used as a nickname, in replace of other words in common sayings, an adjective etc.

B.) A common place for sick jamz
Guy A: Did you here Jenny hooked up with Tim?

Guy B: For real? What the Bass!

Girl A: Yo reach Bass' tonight?
Guy B: Gonna be sick
by lawlywagon November 04, 2010
a four string instrument commonly tuned to EADG and is similar to the guitar but has a lower pitch. The bass is usually used for rhythm and to give texture to the music. A lot of idiot guitarists say bass is not needed but that is untrue. I'm a guitarist and sometimes I do wish I picked the bass (no pun intended). Some legendary bassists include John Entwhistle, John Paul Jones, Charles Mingus, Roger Waters, and Krist Noveselic.
Listen to some jazz bass. It will blow your mind.
by CMAL14 April 03, 2010
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