According to Meghan Trainor, it obviously means "booty".
In the song lyric "I gave you bass, you gave me sweet talk"
by KirbyUnikittyLuver November 17, 2014
An abbreviation used to say a girl one has seen has a "big ass", which helps guys talk about girls they see without creeping people out.
Georgia's got B'ass, she's round, you know what i mean?
by Orsche December 03, 2009
The most important instrument in rock music. Along with the drums, forms the rhthym secion of the band, making a backbone for the song. Played with the fingers, instead of with a pick, as with an electric guitar. However, in faster-paced music, in order to keep up with the rest of the band, the bassist may use a pick, but playing with the fingers is much more fun and cooler-looking.
Famous bassists include Cliff Burton, Geddy Lee, and John Entwistle.
by Bjorn Turok November 19, 2007
B.A.S.S. Blue Ass Splatter Syndrome, When you take a huge shit in a freshly cleaned port-a-shitter, your huge load drops into the blue liquid and splatters your ass with blue liquid.
Each day I dread going to work because of the B.A.S.S.
by Herf69 November 08, 2007
The lowest, wholest sounding of the male voicings. Usually associated with the rumbling feeling one experinces when singing with or listening to a choir or chorus.
The bass section of the men's chorus added so much body to the sound.
by E.J. March 29, 2004
Bass (pronounced "base"): the style of rap music originating from Miami.
The 2 Live Crew produced many records back in the day known as Bass.
by DJ Sir Scratch June 25, 2006
A fresh water game fish. Usually referred to the "LargeMouth Bass"
Hehe nice bass you caught!
by June 18, 2003
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