4+ stringed instrument that, should there be no Entwistle or Claypool for the current generation, will forever be associated with boring types who just wanna be in a band and down low in the mix
Ya know, all bassists weren't nerds in a high school jazz band. Long Live The Rickenbacker!
by Alex April 16, 2003
a last name that causes many people to get made fun of
person1 :"whats your name"
person2 :"bob bass"

two days later

by bassgirl December 07, 2005
The instrument that no one cares/knows about.
Guy 1: Wow that guitar player is amazing!
Guy 2: Yeah, that bass player is pretty awesome too.
Guy 1: What's a bass? Isn't that some kind of fish?
Guy 2: .........
by TurtleSayShnarf April 01, 2009
your fat sister who does nothing
but sit on the coach and eat all the food
and has the undying reek of a dead fish
Dude you've turned into a total bass.
You disgust me.
by t-radical squared May 11, 2005
origin: bad (english) and ass (english)

a bastardization of those words, non-superlative version of "bad ass" as in
1) extremely good/pleasing
2) impressive
How was the show last night?
by Sean Hellfritsch March 25, 2004
A four string guitar that is several octaves lower than a guitar. It is more commonly played with your fingers than a pick. Also, bassers (more commonly known as bassists) are usually the weird ones in the band.

They are also usually quieter and calmer than guitarists and drummers. And can therefore usually be pushed around more easily.
Guitarist Chick: Let me straighten your ridiculously curly hair!

Basser Dude: NO!

Guitarist Chick: Pleeeeease...

Basser Dude: Okay, fine.
by Sexy Guitar Chicks July 16, 2005
This word has multiple meanings. I see that the musical instrument part and fish part are well written already, so I'll skip these two and define it according to Meghan Trainor's songs:
Bass, in contrary to treble, refers to women that are not model-thin, and has confident in their body shape; they don't try to lose weight unhealthily, or feel sorry for themselves for not being 'fit' to society's trending standards.
(Lyrics quote) You know I won't be no stick-figure silicone barbie doll, so if that's what you're into then go 'head and move along...because you know I'm all about that bass, no treble.
(Lyrics quote)I smell her on your collar...I gave you bass, you gave me sweet talk...Tell me do you think I'm dumb?
by Evergreen712 January 20, 2015

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