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A Short term for Bad ass
Man, you see that chick? She's BASS!
by this biotch June 18, 2005
a good description for most of my farts
oo, nice bass fart
by spanky July 10, 2003
to have some weight or fullness.
as in that girl has some bass- means she is on the thick side. It ca be used in food as in- I need food with bass.
by mateos December 22, 2002
1) Sex, as in having sex, making love...

2) A woman's vagina
1) Taken from the Beastie Boys' "She's Crafty":

"The next think she said, 'My place or yours?
Let's kick some bass behind closed doors!'"

2) Taken from Fergie's "London Bridge":

"My lïps make you want to have a taste.
You got that? I got the bass"
by Ginanatl September 11, 2006
Bass, pronounced 'Baas' means cool or 'sick'. A 'sick bass' is a cool person, a sea bass is a fish but also an uncool person.
Only a sick bass could do that!
I am a sick bass.
He/she is a sea bass.
by Ananda12345 November 23, 2005
4+ stringed instrument that, should there be no Entwistle or Claypool for the current generation, will forever be associated with boring types who just wanna be in a band and down low in the mix
Ya know, all bassists weren't nerds in a high school jazz band. Long Live The Rickenbacker!
by Alex April 16, 2003
a last name that causes many people to get made fun of
person1 :"whats your name"
person2 :"bob bass"

two days later

by bassgirl December 07, 2005