"She's got a bass"
Pronounced "b" + "ass". Derived from the compounding of the words "back" and "ass".

A "bass" in this sense is the term to say that you can't tell where someone's back ends and ass begins. This can be caused by having a 1) a flat ass, 2) lower back fat that makes it hard to tell where the back stops and the ass begins. 3) both

Antonym: J-Lo booty.
She's a hot girl, but she's got such a bass on her, that i'll probably never take her from behind.
by J-Y December 04, 2007
when a large person wears a short skirt without panties and bends over, her bass (bottom ass). as opposed to regular crack which comes out of the top of the clothing, bass rears its ugly head underneath the clothing
people of walmart has alot of bass action
by chalkjockey December 05, 2009
The spot on your body between your back and your ass.

Randi: *trys to smack my ass but hits my bass"
by Third_Eye June 11, 2008
Another term equivalant to cool, tight, sweet, awesome, etc etc. Almost exclusively used as an adjective. Originated within garage bands from Ohio and spread from there.

It is pronounced like the instrument, not the fish. Pronouncing it in the latter sense is a source of ridicule.
1. That new song by Jill Sobule is pretty bass.
by Spaztic November 15, 2005
The fine art of shoving ones testciles into an anus. Balls in the ass my friends, balls in the ass.

Comes in the single and double variety.
That chick has a sweet cornhole... I'd love to bass that bitch!
by Beepo July 12, 2006
Bass An instrument often played by wannabes who dont wanna "follow the croud"However, when played properly, the bass adds just as much to a song as a guitar. Part of the bands machine, along with the drumbs.
Flea, Victor Wooten and the guy from Sly and the Family Stone are some of the best bass players going.

by Lolcreamroflcakes April 10, 2009
'Back ass' A continuation of the gluteal cheeks up the back of 'the larger lady' so that the feminine crack ends up half way up the back, sometimes to shoulder blade level, resulting in what looks like butt cheeks that go all the way up. Often, bass can be seen poking out the top of leggings, when worn with a boob tube. Bass often goes hand in hand with fupa.
Jesus, look at Shaniqua's bass all hanging out over there. she's a whole lotta love ain't she!
by snuffy February 15, 2005
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