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Bass An instrument often played by wannabes who dont wanna "follow the croud"However, when played properly, the bass adds just as much to a song as a guitar. Part of the bands machine, along with the drumbs.
Flea, Victor Wooten and the guy from Sly and the Family Stone are some of the best bass players going.

by Lolcreamroflcakes April 10, 2009
'Back ass' A continuation of the gluteal cheeks up the back of 'the larger lady' so that the feminine crack ends up half way up the back, sometimes to shoulder blade level, resulting in what looks like butt cheeks that go all the way up. Often, bass can be seen poking out the top of leggings, when worn with a boob tube. Bass often goes hand in hand with fupa.
Jesus, look at Shaniqua's bass all hanging out over there. she's a whole lotta love ain't she!
by snuffy February 15, 2005
Short for Bastard! So you can say it to your mom and she won't have a clue you're actually calling her a stingy bastard.
OMG! Stop eating you fat bass!

If you don't hurry up you're going to be late. "Bass"
by Shaylee January 12, 2006
contraction of bad ass
your new car is bass
by phil mcCrackin October 17, 2003
The area between your balls and your ass.
I could really use some baby powder on my bass.
by Bryan November 19, 2004
an ass that is flat like a back.
back slash ass
hey, imma slap that bass!
by lamat October 17, 2004
short for bastard.
Hey bass, get away from my car.
Listen you stupid bass, if i see you within a 60 foot proximity of my mom again, I'm gonna cut off your dick. OK?
by Drax October 30, 2003