The main rival of Megaman in MM7 and MM8. He appears in a few other games as well. Bass's Japanese name is Forte. He has black armor with gold trim and a helmet with two fin-like things sticking out of the sides. He has a bluish-green crystal on his chest and his helmet. He is usually accompanied by a robotic dog named Treble (Gospel in Japan) and was originally created to kill Megaman. However, he just wants to beat Megaman and prove he's the best out there.
Some people call him Bass, and some call him Forte.
by RatchetBoo April 28, 2003
The skin line between the scrotum and the anus
person 1: whats that on jimmy butt
Person 2(changing jimmies diaper): thats the bass.
by byron1491 June 28, 2009
The area in between your balls and your ass.
Walking around with an irritated bass is no way to go through life.
by szubov August 26, 2008
Short for bad ass.

Meaning "super cool" or "hardcore" or however else you want to use it.

Pronounced like the fish.
You're dyeing your hair again? Bass.
by Zakiue December 16, 2007
"She's got a bass"
Pronounced "b" + "ass". Derived from the compounding of the words "back" and "ass".

A "bass" in this sense is the term to say that you can't tell where someone's back ends and ass begins. This can be caused by having a 1) a flat ass, 2) lower back fat that makes it hard to tell where the back stops and the ass begins. 3) both

Antonym: J-Lo booty.
She's a hot girl, but she's got such a bass on her, that i'll probably never take her from behind.
by J-Y December 04, 2007
The spot on your body between your back and your ass.

Randi: *trys to smack my ass but hits my bass"
by Third_Eye June 11, 2008
when a large person wears a short skirt without panties and bends over, her bass (bottom ass). as opposed to regular crack which comes out of the top of the clothing, bass rears its ugly head underneath the clothing
people of walmart has alot of bass action
by chalkjockey December 05, 2009

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