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1. Studying extremely hard for a test 10 weeks in advance, ignoring basic human instincts such as hunger.

2. Studying hard for mediocre results.
Man, I gotta bass out, but I'm prob going to get a bad grade anyways.
by leeeet March 11, 2008
Defense mechanism of your brain preventing it from being damaged by excessive bass in a song by shutting itself down for a couple minutes/hours. The best way to bass out is to listen to ungodly dubstep drops.
-This man isn't scared to bass out.

-My 12 years old neighbor bassed out while playing Call of Duty because he wanted to show his friends how swaggy he was by putting dubstep at max volume.
by OhSoManlyMan November 09, 2014
Cranking your subwoofers to the max while driving off from a place where you just were, to impress people.
Brian and Frankie pulled a bass out to Da Blow while leaving school.
by B-rad123 June 09, 2010
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