A 4-stringed bass guitar is easier to learn than the standard six-string electrc guitar.

A Bass guitar tends to be funky and more rythmical than the electric.
Bass guitarists tend to be dull dull dull dull people. No offence but it is true.

Electric Guitarists tend to be wilder, and generally better looking people (I play guitar and look like a monkey's uncle -.- but who cares).

Drummers tend to be the wildest and least seen!

Singers tend to be able to sing (most of the time) and are the best looking.

In order the groupie listing is as follows.

Singer/lead guitarist- Best groupies, first choice.
Drummer/rhythm guitarist- Good groupies, second choice.
Bass guitarist-Pick of the litter.
by sleepygamer March 05, 2006
a very simplistic instrument, if u can play the guitar, can play bass. most songs these days consist of about 12 notes reapeated over and over again. Bass guitar, designed from a Guitar
A Guitarist can do anything a bassist can
by bogan :D July 18, 2005
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