Bass Face - a musical variation of the poker face in which the bass player of a given band wears an expression lacking any notcieable emotion, giving them an anonymous, emotionally distant appearance.
"Did you see the show last night?"
"Yeah. The bass player took bass face to a new level. Fucker didn't even flinch the entire show."
by eetstatik July 28, 2006
1) The facial expression made by a bassist while playing a complex, tight groove. Caused by the brain's processing power being diverted to the hands, leaving the facial nerves uncontrolled and free to create various drunken, blank, derpy expressions. The bassist may be unaware he is doing it. Some physicians have speculated that bassists' brains may not be capable of controlling more than one region of the body at a time. This explains why they sleep with the ugly groupies.

2) A facial expression that only looks cute on Tal Wilkenfeld.
Guitarist: "Your bass face looks like you just saw your mother banging the family dog."

Bassist: "What bass face? Do I make a face?"
by bassdude726 May 28, 2014
When you have been banging out that bassline all day, whether it be dubstep or Drum and bass, you have listened to it so long your jaw drops your eyes roll backwards and you start to dribble uncontrollably allover the floor like a vegetable
Chris: Hey Shlong!! are you okay??
Fragout: OMG he has Bass Face
Schlong: uuuughh ,"falls of chair in a pool of dribble and poop's his pants a little.

Remember: Dont do this too much or you might end up as a layabout gamer or worse
by PHATKNIFESKILLZ September 26, 2010
1. The nickname for the bass guitar player in a band.
1.This is Stefan, he's the Bassface.
2. Hey Bassface!
by Rustify October 01, 2006
Made famous by K.S
Kyle (adj) latin: Kyleus Rockstarus
a) A rockstar version of 'bitch slapping' someone, to bassface. For more information see 'bitch slapping'
b) The popular famous name for Mr Kyle Sevenoaks.
"Did you see what K.S did at that gig last night? He completely bass faced a security guard!"
by TrixDemon May 26, 2008
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