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When two people are having sex and their pubic hair get tangeled together.
Me and my wife had sex and ended up basket weaving.
by T.R.O.R April 13, 2011
6 14
Masterbating technique with both hands and your fingers interlaced.
I was at a boring party, so i decided to start basket weaving for entertainment.
by Basket Weaver May 23, 2006
40 17
The process of manually weaving baskets.
Dale Gribble wasn't very good at basket-weaving, so he quit.
by goldenchocolate December 28, 2009
2 0
When a slut bag uses both her hands in an up and down spiral motion to jerk off the PENIS
I will basket weave your ardavrk until the foreskin falls off.
by Balzar May 10, 2005
26 30