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Place of thorough washing. No substitute for a shower really.
I wash thoroughly in a basin.
by Jarf October 09, 2003
11 16
Derives from the term baser.

When under the influence of cocaine, a person does nothing and tends to waste their life away.

The act of doing nothing.

*One does not have to be under the influence of any mind altering substances, they can simply be doing nothing.*
Person A: A yo what you doin tonight?
Person B: Nothing dawg - we basin'!

Why you basin'?

Stop basin' out and go do some work!
by *~BLacK WiDoW~* April 01, 2007
19 7
Another word for a crackhead. Usually seen walking fast down the street in order to get their rocks.
Every town, city, state got a basin.
by ya boi May 26, 2005
31 21
the name given to a toy graffiti writer - mainly in sydney australia.

the name is based upon a writer who was called basin who was very unpopular in the scene.
your such a basin brah!
by kumargg August 03, 2006
21 16
A crackhead, also someone who does stupid things
1: hey have you seen that aaron kid? hes pretty basin
2: what'd he do?
3: he ran naked down the street!
by Anon1865 October 31, 2011
6 3
"Joneing" on someone, something that burst you bubble, something that makes you look dumb.
"awww did you hear Jashawnia?"
"yeah, son she was basin' on Darnell's shit."
by Lilroshellfoshiggity August 21, 2009
6 4