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Investigators, private detectives, spies, others who act for the government including telecommunications workers WHO wear baseball caps with video and recording devices secretly (or not so secretly attached). Generally they walk around looking totally disinterested in anything and rather gormless, a total giveaway!
I noticed a couple of guys walking up and down outside my house wearing baseball caps, then one of them started talking to the small microphone on the cap. Very strange behavior! Either he was a wacko or rather nosey.
by THE ENHANCED July 11, 2011
Device which, when fitted to the head of anyone driving a car, immediately removes any concern they may have previously exhibited for their own, their passengers, and, well, anyone elses safety.

Especially effective when driving 'modded cars'. See kev.
Tracy thinks that Trevor's baseball cap makes him a much better driver.
by Gabba March 05, 2004
Device used to notify others that they are in the presence of a dickhead. The point may be reinforced by the wearer displaying said item at alternative angles, particularly back-to-front especially when facing the sun.
That wanker in the baseball cap.
by redroar August 22, 2004