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Baseball Widow: a woman who loses her husband, fiancée, or boy friend due to the start of baseball season.

Examples could be a man who watches baseball like its oxygen and a necessity of life.
A baseball player who is gone constantly at games, or practices.
Or a baseball coach who is gone every weekend, including some weekdays, for baseball games or tournaments.

Most men use this time to find peace within themselves at a baseball field, or on tv, and there have been several reports of casuatlies, and countless breakups/divorce due to baseball season approaching.
Woman talking to her friend...."Hey where's your husband? Why isn't he at your birthday party?"
Widow "it's opening day, I've become a baseball widow for the next 6 possibly 7 months."

Woman "why wasn't your husband at your mother's birthday party?"
Widow: "He has an out of state tournament with a team he coaches this weekend. Which means I get to slut it up, and he gets drunk after the games with the kid's parents. I'm a baseball widow now."
by Dirty Lou June 30, 2016
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