Gloustershire (UK) word for a pound see quid
"That'll be 30 bar mush."
by Jak July 17, 2003
1. To shut a member of the opposite sex down.
2. To ignore someone.
1. I tried to kiss janey but she barred me. I got nothing.
2. I saw you at the shops this morning, but you fully barred me.
by Diego November 08, 2003
B-A-R Southern / US Army for
"Big Ass (W)Rench" earlier Browning Automatic Rifle
He was mouthin off so I was gonna smack him with a B-A-R
by Not_A_Sailor October 29, 2003
The penis Estecially when you have a hard on. Also the hard you have on.
John's got such a big bar.

She's really hot. I'm getting a bar.
by Deep blue 2012 May 15, 2010
Beyond All Recognition. Part of the popular FUBAR except can be used with other verbs.
Dude I was bored BAR
by PimpinAllNight November 11, 2009
A local bar an airport bar or the incredibly famous Vegas bar

Somewhere you get drugged and get raped, or lose virginity, perfect for making your parents angry (If they are dead, at least say sorry to thier grave and bury your fatherless child with them)
1) Mom I need to go to the bar for a drink.
2) Mom I think I lost virginity becuase of bar
3) Dad, were you in the bar yesterday
by DOnt know March 01, 2005
To stick your balls into someones face while saying "j'bar barbarbar"
I just barred you bro, lolz
by Thor Cock November 08, 2008
to have sexual intercourse
i got my bars up last night.
by sr.valencia July 10, 2007

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