Gloustershire (UK) word for a pound see quid
"That'll be 30 bar mush."
by Jak July 17, 2003
a place to find people to reproduce with and get drunk
I went to the bar, got wasted and hooked up with a midget named Candy whos voice sounds like a biker with throat cancer.
by Hobo Joe July 31, 2003
"Before anyone ratchet"
Babe, I'd choose you bar.
by APAA October 05, 2013
One million dollars of salary, especially in investment banking.
"Your bonus was only 2 bars this year?"
"Yeah, the MD had it out for me."
"I had a threesome with his wife and daughter."
by BankerBoy January 02, 2009
A State regulating body for lawyers that treats information like it's a controlled substance.
In most states, the bar makes it a crime just to give advice to friends without paying government extortion.
by cogitheum December 20, 2008
Verb: To be a badass
No soy Kylar. :(
Yo quiero BAr!!!!!11
by Kisle August 26, 2008
Stands for: Beyond All Reason
that dude is sooo hot it's BAR
by artemis347 July 05, 2005

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