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sit on the inside of a barrel naked and shout out dirty talk to your partner on the outside who is meanwhile masturbating and just before ejaculating they enter a hole of the barrel and spunk over their partner then push them down a hill spilling the contents all over them.
i once tried barrelling with my boyfriend, it was a messy situation but he made sure to shower thoroughly ;)
by pennynickle May 29, 2009
Going really fast.
Shit Earl, we sure are barrelling down this back-road, you sure you know the way?
by Earl. September 19, 2008
the suggestion of what to do with a retarded or pointless boyfriend of a good female friend. ie: take idiot, place in barrel, set barrel alight, sacrifice idiot to the goat gods and marvel that someone so dim can shine so bright with a little help from concentrated flames.
"hello josibelley, how is ed working out?" 'he's gone all incommunicado and clearly is an emotional cripple, not to mention the erectile dysfunction' " i think barrelling may be in order sweetpea"

"evening shelfy, heard from jim lately?" 'the spineless wanker dumped me, via facebook' " i must say, that soapdodger is looking more and more flamable everytime i ask about him. i'll get the barrel, you bring the marshmallows"

"jocelyn my dear, i hate to say it, but the new boyfriend seems a good guy and i like him." ' am so pleased you approve, i think he's a keeper' "me too, but just keep in mind, first sign of nonconformism to what you deserve, i'll barrel the bastard and scatter his ashes to the four winds" ' i know oh big brother of mine, but lets see how he goes first ok?' "(mumble, mutter, grumble, mutter etc...) if i must. but barrelling is great therapy darl so be picky and i'll stock up on kindling"
by fletch (the living version) September 19, 2011