Town in Vermont full of white people (mostly rednecks) that have no clue of the outside world
I can't stand the people in Barre, VT
by Kevin May 02, 2003
Top Definition
particular type of cough syrup & big moes favorite usually associated with the city of houston, texas
random person: big moe what u drinkin tonight?
big moe: mannn baby im trippin on that barre
by orange texas August 04, 2003
slang in houston texas for cough syrup containing promethazine codeine ect.
i got a cup full of barre and im leanin'
by lisa marie m August 04, 2007
An itty-bitty town in Vermont. Also known as Scary-Barre and the ghetto of central Vermont. Generally known for it's gangs, drug-dealers, scary people, and very intimidating high school sports teams.
-Dude, what took you so long to get here?
-Bro, I was just trying to avoid getting mugged on the streets of Barre. It's not my fault you live in the scariest town in Vermont.
by Vermonta April 01, 2011
The most Ghetto town in Vermont. Its sad really, its teeny tiny. The high school is on drugs like crazy & the middle school, well lets just say this is your popular there you've probably had sex.
Person: Damn, where are those whores from?

Person 2: Barre.

Person: Ohh that explains it.
by Vermontterrr. March 07, 2011
Slang for Xanax but is actually mispelled "Barz" !!! If you don't understand ...research it. Barre- brand of codiene and promethizine cough syrup made by Barre Pharmaceuticals also slang for Xanax but spelled incorrectly(Barz). For all you Syrup sippers out there a word of advice: Do not add candy: Jolly ranchers ect... Sugar kills the codiene.
" Yo, you got a pint of Barre?"
by Dat Sweet Water Gurl Evie April 30, 2004
The barre is a cylindrical item used for balance and warming up in ballet.
I watched the dancer warm up at the barre.
by Sierra P. K. July 23, 2005
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