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THE ULTIMATE EVIL! He must be destroyed at all costs!

Join me, in my noble crusade against Barney!
Barney will devour your soul!!
by Cortana Dragoon June 24, 2005
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some guy from flinstones
woahhhhhhhh barn
by anymonous January 15, 2004
11 17
1.) Adjective- To do something that will get you caught by some kind of authority figure, in an obvious manner.

2.) Noun- A Cop
Dude! Don't climb that fence to tag that spot, this place is barney.
by Ribcage Hacksaw August 15, 2007
2 9
A Barney is a slang term for a yuppie or other newcomer. It's origin is from Sommerville, MA USA
Look at the Barney who just moved into the old schoolhouse. Complete with Saab and a Nantucket sticker on it, too.
by plt3012 September 09, 2006
13 20
It means you're in trouble. Like Barney Rubble (rhymes with trouble). I heard this first said by Don Cheadle in the recent Ocean's 11 remake.
If we can't get that pinch we're all in Barney.
by Senator Chisholm July 24, 2004
11 18
A half hour.
Child- Hey mom how many barney untill we get there?

Mom- 4 barneys, dumb fuck!
by Bonnie C September 07, 2008
2 10
crack rocks. slang common in philly.
they was just lookin' for barneys.
by drianna July 17, 2005
5 13
Having your testies inserted into a vagina, then they are queefed out.
The ginger put his balls in the fat cows vaj only to have them ejected by a pussy fart. barney
by purplehaze2291 March 18, 2007
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