Shot of whiskey or some form of alcoholic elixer.

"Take a Bark and drown your sorrows..."

Ozzy Osbourne -Suicide Solution
by cwemde November 05, 2007
To be really cool
Ant.- Cool
Wow, I'm really bark.

Caitlin is NOT bark
by Saam Bagherzadeh January 23, 2008
To vomit, to throw up, to puke. When your digestive system works in reverse.
She's in the other room, barking up dinner.
by Kel-C February 16, 2005
what a dog says when you say no
I said noooooooo, and the dog said "BARK"
by flutie January 13, 2004
1. (v) Rubbing one's rump against the bark of a tree, often for sexual gratification

2. (n) A name for one who barks

3. (n) A common insult, implying that one barks

1. Yesterday I saw Bob Barker barking in the woods; he looked quite happy.

2. Crazy Pete is a barker; he loves rubbing his rump against trees.

3. Shut up, you barker!
by Kate Mueller December 17, 2006
To strike a limb against something solid; usually a leg against a coffee table or other furniture.
"Oh man. I just barked my shin on that stupid glass coffee table again. You can't see it at all!"
by Shorty March 19, 2005
aka peppermint bark. Liked by whores from campo.
T***********01: u have to bark me
by m1k0 January 05, 2005
shit stain or streak left on or in a toilet that won't come off
Will left bark on the toilet seat and it won't even scrub off.
by Dario March 22, 2005
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