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One who is one with nature.
See "treehugger"
by george_dubya July 20, 2003
1) “Bark Eater” is an English translation of the Mohican word “Adirondack,” a term the Mohawk once used for Algonquian-speaking tribes who were said to eat the inside of the bark of the white pine when food was scarce.

2) “BarkEater” is an honor camper program at Massawepie Scout Camps in the Adirondacks. One who has been initiated into the program is also called a “BarkEater.”
I love the Adirondacks and am proud to be a BarkEater.
by Elliott777 November 14, 2010
Slang word for Northern New England Indians during settler times Derogatory
"Probably would have starved if that Bark Eater hadn't given us a deer that winter"
by Joseph Most Cool November 04, 2011
The Lowest form of redneck
By looking at his trailer they knew he was a bark eater.
by Kiki_bunz February 08, 2008

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