Granola munching, snobby liberal hipster-fags that usually are employed at Starbucks or similar coffee serving venues.
That four eyed Barista fucked up my macchiato again.
by Sortini October 09, 2012
Coffee bitch. Not to be confused with a barrister.
Idiot: "I work as a barista".
Me (winding up idiot): "So you are a lawyer who works in the High Court?"
Idiot (confused): "Ehhh no I make coffee in Starbucks."
Me (sniggering): "Ahhh, you mean you are a coffee bitch."
by fubarderby May 25, 2007
A coffeehouse chain from India, which started in 1997. Has over 100 outlets. This would be the Indian equivalent to Starbucks. It gets the same uber-cool status in India, that Starbucks has across the world.
Lets go to Barista for a coffee.
by VAb May 13, 2007
the name of CSMs famous eatery....with a variety of soups salads and toastim....and even pasta..
I am on break in ten......WHAT YOU SAY?! you wanna barista?
by aarojac July 05, 2004
A booty-whore who studies college textbooks and gossips on MySpace when not serving Johns
That barista charged me four dollars for little more than a medium cup of pulverized ice mixed with some powdered flavoring, in addition to a nice shot of her ass whilst bending over to retrieve some whipped cream from the under-counter fridge. She's just an apron-wearing whore
by E b a August 31, 2006
Mexican for know nothing coffee swill serving asshole
Foamy: What the f**k is a barista?
by AErrorist March 13, 2005
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