Also 'to penetrate' - most often used as a crude backwoods (read: Sudbury) term for anal sex.
I straight up barged that arse.
by Davey L July 07, 2005
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1. To show up unexpectedly.

2. To go someplace with a group of people.
1. We straight barged his house.

2. We should barge that party.
by Matt GB January 18, 2004
n. A long or hard trip or journey. Often used in conjunction with going into areas far away from citys, aka the bush.

Synonyms: mission, mish. journey
Damn that was a fuckin barge to get those bottels.

I didn't know the party would be so far out in the forest, that shit was a barge.
by santacruz September 27, 2003
1. n. A non-motorized vessel, usually for carrying cargo. Propelled by a separate towboat.

2. n. A canal boat which may or may not be motorized.
1. There's a towboat pushing a barge down the river.

2. We toured the canals of France by barge.
by Wandelndes Lexikon January 05, 2005
Nickname Given to the Grumman SBD Dautless, An American Carrier-Based Dive Bomber of WWII.
by JonathanChance September 30, 2003
The name for a large run on a big, 5+ gram joint.

Made famous by YouTuber Urban Remo.
Hey man, don't burn the barge, it's supporting the cherry!
by Blach_Zair June 27, 2013
An unusually large crap.
"Man, I gotta flop a barge!"
by Robnap September 13, 2005
A word used to describe a fat or "large" person
Christophers a barge
by Connor01 May 31, 2015

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