Unlike the literal meaning of throwing up, BARF can mean anything from disgust to shock. Created at loretto abbey CSS
disgust- "OMG BARF! Look at that cameltoe!"
shock- " She hooked up with him? BARF!"

by barftastic February 20, 2008
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verb: The premature expulsion of consumed materials through the mouth and nose.
noun: The material that is expelled in the manner described above.
Oooooh I shouldn't have ordered the "Septic Surprise." I think I'm gonna barf!
by BlastMaster June 12, 2003
spew / vomit / technicolour yawn / ralph
I'll have 3 big macs washed down with a 6 pack of jim beam . . . . I'll go for a jog then come back and vomit all over grant and the head while they copulate . . . actually forget the jog . . . just the site of . . . .
by paul August 03, 2004
To throw up.
Last night after eating a gallon of ice cream I barfed BIG TIME.
by Bungalow Bill February 16, 2002
Barfolomew! I'm a Mog. Half man, half dog. I'm my own best friend!
1) It's not that we're afraid, far from it, it's just that we've got this thing about death... It's not us!
2) Funny, she doesn't look Druish.
3) They've gone to plaid!
4) Nice dissolve.
5) Always when I'm eating...!
by Sierra Bravo July 22, 2005
1. Term used to describe Vomit
2. Term used for the action of Vomiting (Barfing)
1. Eww! Look at all the barf!
2. We caught him barfing up a storm after the drinking contest.
by Falconrath September 23, 2003
the result of throwing up
as I exited the saloon I stepped in a pile of barf
by Anonymous February 28, 2002
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