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Wicked, cool band from Canada

Great simple lyrics and catchy tunes and beats.

The band members are down to earth - great representatives of the Canadian way.
The Bare Nake Ladies sing "If I had a million dollars".
by Doctor Livingstone May 14, 2005
43 37
1) By far the coolest band in a long time. Great songwriting, great singing, great band dynamic.

2) Entertainment in a strip joint.
1) Barenaked Ladies rock my world!

2) Barenaked Ladies rock my world!
by JP May 08, 2004
229 109
Awesome Canadaian band...never get any respect because they're not completely mainstream rock...have cool songs like Brian Wilson, If I Had $1000000, Alternative Girlfriend, 1 Week, It's All Been Done, Get In Line, Too Little Too Late, and Pinch Me
BNL are awesome!
by 000 March 22, 2004
150 94
The band that kicks your favorite band's ass!
I though my favorite band was good, but Barenaked Ladies kicks ass. My favorite band's ass, even. Hell they kick my dog's ass!
by 'ello August 13, 2003
130 108
The most awesome band EV-AR! Consisting of Steven Page, Ed Robertson, Jim Creeggan, Tyler Stewart, and Kevin Hearn. They are utterly awesome producers of music and if you have not heard anything of theirs other then "One Week" then you are SERIOUSLY missing out. They actually have quite a few albums, all of which are fantastic. I love them obsessively.
Barenaked Ladies concerts are my favorite place to be. Macaroni. Yum.
by warped columbia February 21, 2004
92 84
A kick ass band which has neat songs such as "If I had a million dollars," and "Its all been done." They are incredibly adorable and awesome.
Ashley: I love Barenakedladies, they're so fuckin hot!
Samantha: Gross, you lesbian.
Ashley: LOL dumbass, they're a band, you retard.
by Cherrykallista July 15, 2006
10 6
A gimmick band that fell off the map that no one misses.
The barenaked ladies haven't been relevant for a long time, as evidenced by the dates of definitions on this page.
by ThePainterofMen0o1 September 06, 2013
4 3