A middle aged mutton that uses the meth diet to lose weight, but unfortunately has numerous amounts of spots on her face, even though she tries to cover it up with makeup.
Im a barbie girl, in a barbie world
by Adlocal October 29, 2006
A plastic doll who would fall over if she was an actual person.
Susie:What are you doing...???
Molly:Playing with my Barbie doll... !!!
by Barbie0822 July 25, 2005
Barbie : Hidie from the hills, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus, shall i go on???
Barbie, is a stuck up, little piece of shit that has more plastic that anything... yeah... it makes sense!
Name usually given to a person who thinks about sex at least once and hour.
"Damn she be actin' like Barbie"
"Man that Barbie sucked the whole football team!"
"I don't ever want to end up like Barbie!"
by mesicanlover92 May 03, 2009
a female an older male dates that are typically much younger and could be considered fake.
Karen: "Have you seen Chad Michael Murray's new girlfriend?"

Taryn: "Yeah. She is a total barbie."
by ireallydontlikeyou October 12, 2007
Some one who changes there hair color to blond. Some one irreplaceable. One of a kind. Some one who lives their life to the fullest. Some one destine to be with a trooper. Some one who keep's there style fresh and clean.
Look at her she is such a barbie.
by Anthony Felix January 14, 2009
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