A woman who has had plastic surgery at least once.
She is such a Barbie with her high-whores and her fake breasts!!!!
by Accordion December 08, 2010
Term of phrase for the popular cliche girls. you know the ones i mean. not usually the cool ones, but more-so the bimbo girls. the ones that have a new boyfriend every week (and sometimes their friend's boyfriends), regularly dye their long hair and have generally fabulous clothes. they like to throw parties when their parents are away for the weekend and they bitch and have problems like theres no friggin tomorrow.
Paris Hilton is a fine example of the word "Barbie". i mean shes "cool" now, but in a few years she'll be "cougar" material.
ooh. nasty. =/
by worrd. March 29, 2009
a blonde girl who loves shopping boys and hot pink
and has the need to feel sexy
Emily:Hi Sarah
Sarah:Hi em
Emily:you remind me of a barbie
by ms.barbie 411 January 03, 2008
Another word for a dildo or vibrator. Used when adults are talking and little kids are around. Also in public places
Honey i need to get new batteries for my Barbie.
by jigglyjoe February 26, 2011
A plastic doll made in the 1900's with a small waist and large boobs. Many people believe that this non-moving doll portrays that you have to be blond and skinny to be good. Children under the age of 7 usually play with this doll and as they get older they stop. But as the years come by they seem to care more about there body shape and the amount of makeup they have on. They will start to believe that Juicy Couture is the only place cute girls get clothes from. They also start to act bitchy and snotty as they reach for their silly goal whereas a girl who played with cabbage patch kids wouldn't be caring for this stuff. The girls who played with barbies would be revolving around stupid nonsense and hot boys. These dolls teach young girls to be sluts and they believe that having barbies looks is everything. I do not care what other people say, Barbies are the worst dolls ever.
"OMG look it's kyle!!!"
" great not this again, didn't i already tell you that I don't care for guys. I wish you never played with barbies"
"ew, shut up and get a life. You're such a loser! Kyle is ah-mazing"
by Barbies_suck_in_ur_face_hahah April 26, 2010
a barbie is a girl who is perfect , she has the perfect life , perfect boyfriend , and perfect parents . Many girls who call themselves barbies think they are perfect.
Many girls will call themselves a barbie because they think they are perfect.
by Kelly Kellz January 04, 2010
Phonetic pronunciation of the acronym "brb."
Dude 1: Hey, man, I've got to run to the store to hook up with your mom. I'll barbie.

Dude 2: I don't even care that you're going to hook up with my mom because you're so awesome.
by Number Zisp April 07, 2011

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