A female who doesn't wear panties when going for a night out. The opposite of commando for men.
Peter: Look at the ass on that!!!
Joe: I Know, it looks sweet. I bet she's going Barbie aswell.
by BarbieQueen October 10, 2011
A slutty "fashion" doll.

-There is an African American OREO Barbie doll.
-There are TWO Barbie dolls that GROW BOOBS (The second one created in 2007/2008
-Barbie has a book that says "How to lose weight" and on the back it says "DON'T EAT" (I swear to God, look it up on Wikipedia)
Barbie...that bitch has everything.
by BethღJenner October 04, 2011
A nickname for extremely attractive and hot person.
hei Barbie,how's going?
by viktorius August 23, 2008
(Bar - bee). Unattractive man or woman who buzzes about the bar all night being generally annoying. Like any bee you try to swat it away. The Barbie might get a. Bit angry but knows that if it tries to sting you, it's the end for that twat.
Tim - hey Katherine, you're looking hot tonight
Katherine - (pushes up close to Tim) it's all for you
Barbie - hey guys (spills drink) whasssup. Hey this party is banging....
Tim - fuck off Barbie before I swat you
Barbie - ........
Katherine - get your coat Tim, you've pulled
by Jonah34 May 28, 2014
a plastic whore
if barbie is so popular then why do you have to buy her friends?
by Anonymous March 29, 2003
A woman who has had plastic surgery at least once.
She is such a Barbie with her high-whores and her fake breasts!!!!
by Accordion December 08, 2010
Term of phrase for the popular cliche girls. you know the ones i mean. not usually the cool ones, but more-so the bimbo girls. the ones that have a new boyfriend every week (and sometimes their friend's boyfriends), regularly dye their long hair and have generally fabulous clothes. they like to throw parties when their parents are away for the weekend and they bitch and have problems like theres no friggin tomorrow.
Paris Hilton is a fine example of the word "Barbie". i mean shes "cool" now, but in a few years she'll be "cougar" material.
ooh. nasty. =/
by worrd. March 29, 2009

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