The plastic/silicone version of Paris Hilton with a variety of high-paying college-graduate jobs.
Dumb Girl 1: "Oh, look, it's surgeon barbie!"

Dumb Girl 2: "Oh, look, it's barbie, the real-estate mogul from Dubai!

Wise Man: "Oh, look, it's crackhead/anorexic barbie, the underweight model from Hollywood's dumpster!"
by mark101 June 15, 2008
a female plastic thing with too-large boobs, too-small waist, and painted on underwear. it is scientifically known that anyone with boobs that large and a waist that small would topple over as soon as they stand up.

i liked to cut all her hair off when i was a kid.
dad: why are there always naked barbies laying around the house??
by pinkslips April 09, 2007
A young to middle-aged woman with large fake breasts, Over pumped saline lips, Blonde Hair, A Small waist line, and usually drives a Mercedes-Benz or BMW, and is generally rich from a husband or boyfriend or both, and lives on the most Western or Eastern coasts of the United States.
She is such a "barbie" with her fake breasts and fancy car.
by Tawni Dulan April 18, 2008
A deformed doll that is supposedly "pretty" even though her legs take up two thirds of her body i.e.: legs and a head. If she were real she'd suffer from severe gastric problems due to her waist being freakishly small.
I like to dress Barbie, but wish she looked more normal and didn't wear pink all the time. The Japanese Barbie is cuter since she resembles an Anime character. I submitted a picture of her.
by fags-in-the-shower January 18, 2006
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