A doll that many women wish they could look like, but is too stupid to realize that Barbie is not real.
Barbie was pissed when she caught Skipper giving a blowjob to Ken. She kicked Skipper's ass, dumped Ken and decided to stay at her best friend, Christie's house.
by Renee May 10, 2003
Nickname for Dr Elliot Read (Sarah Chalke) in 'Scrubs', meaning she is hot but a bit of an airhead and clumsy as anything.
Elliot: Oh, Dr. Cox, does this lipstick make me look like a clown?
Dr. Cox: No, Barbie, no... it makes you look like a prostitute who caters exclusively *to* clowns.
Elliot: I'm sorry, that was my mistake, I keep forgetting that you're a horrible, horrible person.
Dr. Cox: Ooh, Backbone Barbie.
by Steph F April 18, 2006
A doll that girls about 5 years old like playing with, when they get to about 9 years old they enjoy decapitating barbie or cutting off her limbs, basicaly destroying this. Girls see this as a way of growing up.
When some bimbo girls are about 15 they aspire to have the looks and the figure of Barbie, a plastic doll. Which is really sad indeed.
5 YEAR OLD : Lets go and play barbies, I have the new car and the new house and barbies new friend and EVERYTHING. I love barbies so much! Yey Barbie!
9-10 YEAR OLD: Do you wanna play 'kill barbie' I call the scissors and the pen knife, you can have the lighter! Woo!
15 YEAR OLD: Babrie is a lucky girl. i wish i had a her figure shes got such a slim body! I wish i had blonde hair *sighs*.
by QueenOfThePixies March 01, 2006
a stupid plastic whore who broke up w/ ken and is now w/ blaine.. a hot australian surfer
Barbie promotes girls to grow up and be whores! She can't even stay with one boyfriend!
by steph March 24, 2005
The reason for little girls hating the way they look
"Mommy, Why can't I look like Barbie?"
by Dumby August 03, 2007
some bitch toy whos commercials take up over two thirds of the tv that we watch.
man, i have a good mind to go over to that mofo who created barbie and pop a cap in his ass!
by GrandFunk December 06, 2003
Nickname for a plastic whore. Also look for the word "plastic"
"Her boobs are fake, and shes anerexic... Shes a barbie!"
by Ziggurat 8 March 09, 2003

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