A fine shawdy that looks like a barbie doll.
'' yo that barbie ova thea got me starrin''
by Ramm November 17, 2003
A Bar Head, A person addicted to bars (xanax)

"Dude Crystal is so fuckin hot"

"Man what are you talkin about, that girl is a total barbie"

by Adam Zak October 26, 2007
When somebody you know is being a primadonna, high-maintenance, pseudo-diva over insignificant things. A non-gender-specific generalization, but an especially powerful definition to describe MEN who are being whiney and needy.
The husband: You didn't get chips when you were at the grocery store?! Honey, the guys will be here any minute for the game!
The wife: OMG there are pretzels in the pantry! Stop being such a barbie!!
by dirty_girl August 12, 2005
barbie is just a slut that wants guys to get their pleasure of her!
hi barbie,oh hi wayne king.
Wanna go to my house and you can pleasure me while i have a wank???
by mark November 28, 2003
Because barbies are made out of synthetic material which means fake anyone who is called the is fake
Girl 1: that new girl is a barbie.

Girl 2 :a what?

Girl 1:a fake ass bitch
by sgvdyjvcfhhvxarhnnvffy June 22, 2016
A doll that was supposed to make little girls dreams come true (aka) make them drug smugglers and plastic surgery addicts.
Kid: I wanna be barbie when I grown up! 20 years later....."Pass the weed....where is my plastic surgery bill?!"
by superwomanfan101 April 05, 2016
Extremly sexy woman who loves to party an hang with friends. She usually is pretty short an has long hair. She is usually compatible with men named john,mike,or tyler. She typicaly is strong minded an chill. She is just a all around good time an always fun in the sheets.
Did you see that girl? She could be a barbie!
by Juiceman99 September 30, 2015
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