A drone that is obsessed with Nicki Minaj and believes that she created everything. They can be spotted by overdosing on pink, rocking bangs that cover their eyebrows, attempting to speak with an English accent, batting their lashes like idiots and writing "team minaj" on everything.
From an internet post:

MinajBarbie4Ever - "Nicki Minaj is the best rapper in history, she invented rap! Everything about her is real, she's never had ass injections! It's BARBIE BITCH!!!"

All replies to this post - Kill yourself you fuckin idiot.
by DevaKTA June 01, 2011
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a plastic doll that mysteriously gets a new sister every year or so.
I think she really does it with Ken but they say its her sister so ppl dont think she's a crackwhore that will sit on a cock for beer money.
Man, another sister for barbie?! How the fuck does she have another sister!!!
the stupid mother fucking crack heads at Matell.
by G$$$ May 09, 2003
A plastic doll, apprx. 11 1/2 inches in height, manufactured by Mattel since 1959, where she was introduced at the American Toy Fair at NYC. Barbie, a rather well endowed female, is known to have been an astronaut, a lawyer, veterinarian, model, and much more-and recently-a mom. Fact of the matter is, so many weirdos are obsessed with Barbie that they tend to attempt to obtain her figure and looks, which is completely impossible, as Barbie is a fictional character. Barbie also owns many dollhouses and convertibles in her name. If it were not for real people out there, she'd quite possibly be the most successful creature out there.
Barbie is blond, has a pink convertible, a pink house, and a number of sisters. Her boyfriend/husband/whatever you'd like to call him is named Ken. Yup...
by Tifa November 25, 2003
A plastic blonde doll; victim of decapitation; supermodel body; a symbol of bimboism
Barbie: Hi-eeee
Barbie: How are you today?
Barbie: Oh, you mean me? (giggles)
Audience: (rolls eyes)
by Maya December 13, 2003
A blonde plastic girl that is very popular towards young girls between the ages of 3-6. She has the perfect life and owns a pink house and a convertible. She has many friends. Barbie can be very scarey at times because she does not blink and will stare at you no matter where you are; she also smiles 24/7 even when you break her head off.
Barbie is a waste of money, if you buy her then you'll have to buy her friends, and her house and her sisters and her car and her ken. BARBIE IS A BIG WASTE OF MONEY!
by IwannaBe November 12, 2005
A plastic doll that is targeted at little girls. A tall, thin blonde with a fake tan and a 24/7 smile and unblinking eyes, not to mention a head that turns 360 degrees. A doll that represents a limited and unrealistic view of women.

She seems to gain a new sister every year or so, but why have we never seen their mother? Barbie is probably hiding the fact that she regularly has sex with Ken... but then, she has no uterus and her hips are too narrow for carrying a child, and Ken is likely bisexual, if not gay. Seriously, where is she getting all of these "baby sisters" and what is the nature of her relationship with Ken?
For a women to have Barbie's body, she would have to be 7'2'', weigh 120 lbs, have an 18''-23'' waist, a 38''-45'' bust, 36'' hips, and a neck twice the length of a normal human neck. Barbie would have to crawl around on all fours just to support her unnatural proportions if she were a human.
by Lorelili September 16, 2006
The stupid doll that little girls play with and later grow up to be idiotic teenyboppers.
*10 years old*
Sally:Hi,Sue! Wanna play with my new Barbie doll?

Sue:Golly gee whiz,Sally! That would be swell!

*5 years later*


Paul:You used to play with Barbie dolls,didn't you?


by TheWiggidy November 01, 2003
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