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An act during oral intercourse where a woman uses her tongue to wrap strands of saliva* around the man's penis.

*see liquid whiskers
Susan gave Westley such a messy blowjob, she was able to do the barber pole on him twice.
by PerverseWriter October 27, 2004
When a heterosexual couple are having sexual intercourse, with the woman, who is menstuating, is riding on top, and the man ejaculates. After a moment she dismounts and the combination of blood and semen mixed on the erect penis simulates a barber pole.
Last night I was so fucking horny, I couldn't care the old lady was on the rag, so when I blew my load into her she got off and I had a barber pole.
by Harry Paratesties September 20, 2006
Wrap a Twizzler around your dick. Make your ugly girlfriend blow you while you shave her head. Pull out and cum on her face. While your four closest friends sing a capella, shave her moustache.
I picked up a pack of Twizzlers and called Fred, David, John and Santiago over to my place Friday night because I knew I was going to give Sally a barber pole.
by 4Tay January 30, 2009
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