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The NY Rangers got baracked by Islanders last night.
by Maverick12345 November 05, 2008
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by MR.BENZ July 08, 2009
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When a person drops some ill shits during a freestyle battle and wins
I was at a freestyle battle last night and Socci Baracked those fools.
by Socci January 16, 2009
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1. to totatally beat someone in something so bad that they have no chance whatso ever of winning..

2. to go hard on someone in an arguement wherein its obvious hu has made a better point (or won)...
Girl: Man me and mi amigo was playin dominos last night. i beat him 150 to 25.
Friend: Dayum! u Baracked his ass!!

Dude: Man me and my girl got into an arguement cuz she saw me chattin it up wit my ex....
Dudette: yh we all heard. She Baracked yo ass!!!!
by HeCallMeBae March 26, 2010
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1. For something to be taken from you in an unjust manner, especially financially.

2. Screwed over.

3. Butt raped with no lube.
1." Man I just got my paycheck and half of my money is gone. I just got Baracked".

2. "I just totaled my car and the insurance wont pay me shit!! I've been Baracked."

3. "I just got Baracked by a tornado, my entire house is gone."

4. "$4.51 a gallon!!! Citgo just Baracked me."

5. "My friend just sat me up on this blind date. I was Baracked this Biotch is 400 lbs!!!!!"
by Old Al and lil L September 05, 2011
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Using an intelligent comment to persuade someone's opinion one way or another
Damn Son! You just got Baracked
by rob jr May 22, 2008
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