A chaud way of calling one's girlfriend/boyfriend or close friend their babe/baby.
Par: "Whoa! That chick right there is fine!!"
Guy: "Leche par, that's my bape you staring at."
by BathingApe671 April 26, 2013
Short for A Bathing Ape, Bape is a Japanese-based clothing brand. The clothes are like hip hop clothes, but brightly colored and with interesting designs....sometimes.
Bapes stand out from your run of the mill gangsta clothes.
by skrudge December 30, 2007
A tacky overpriced fashion by some guy named Nigo in Japan. Bape caught on around the mid 2000s around 2005-2006 in America mainly because it was spearheaded and shown off by guys like Lil Wayne, Pharrell and the whole Hyphy movement. Bape also spawned a fashion that's dead now thankfully and spawned a many imitators using the overdone design atheistic as Bape, on hoodies, shirts, and other shit and sold for less than Bape, to people who couldn't afford it or simply lived in cities with no stores that sold it(almost every American city that's not L.A. or New-York).

Bape further proves that if you slap rarity, a high price, and put the only stores that sell it in famous cities know for status(New-York, Los Angeles, Tokyo) that you can get a few status obsessed assholes with the money to blow to buy something that's just ugly, like most clothing items that cost money, just overdone with a label on every inch of the clothing.

Bape is only supported now by rich hypebeast who want to be urban in the suburbs. Even then, you may find it rare to find a hypebeast who still wants Bape.
Bape is a super tacky dead trend, one of the worst in the 2000s.
by RolphSemensDickOvensUWIDI March 12, 2011
Damn Kyle, that was serious Bape. You Suck At MW2!
You Got Baped Nigga!
Headshot! Bapage For Real!
by SnakeDR303rd March 27, 2011
1. word used to describe anything incredibly over-hyped.

2. word used to define clothing incredibly unappealing to the eyes.
a: look at that guy with sb paris's!

b: damn, thats just a waste of money...

a: yeah, hella bape.
by babybrother3294 September 27, 2010
A Played out Brand by Nigo from Japan, rocked by wangsters and hypebeast. Copied Nikes AF-1's (which are now also played because of bape's replica "Bape-Stas".)
Wangster: "Yo Yo check it out, i went down to new york, and got me a new fitty cent album, souljah boy album and some Bape hoodies and shoes yow!"

Normal Person: "Faggot, your whack ass style wont get you anywhere, face it your a normal person tryina play tough"
by Yomomomomoma December 01, 2007
way too damn expensive.
look at that gayass bape jacket
by hillee January 24, 2007

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