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A l33tified version of Banned; To be prohibited from entering a forum, a game server, an irc channel etc.
Bob posted porn on Gamespot forums and got bant
by dz October 27, 2003
(trendier way to say 'banter')
- a good time
- fun
- cool
- "The party last night was so bants!"
- "All this homework we're getting these days is not bants!"
by mrs. bored April 02, 2007
Big Ass No Tits
Jennifer Lopez has a big ass but no tits
by Johnny January 27, 2004
(verb) To strike someone in the face with your penis.
1) After I came in her mouth I had to bant her a couple of times to remove every last drop.
by zeus-a-rama May 03, 2008
Acronym that stands for "Bitch Ass Nigger Titties." This is commonly used or shouted by a person who prefers to refrain from swearing out loud. Prouncouned BANT (ban-t).
"Dude, I totally failed that exam. B.A.N.T!"
by Narglefunk April 03, 2007
A word used by members of Lufbra's ski race team because the word banter has too many letters
Bumming not Bant
by Warwick wanker November 18, 2003
Bants or BanT's
Polite way to spot and comment on Big Ass Nigger Tits.
Damn Wodecia got some B B B BA BanT''s!
Look at those Bants Dawg!
by Wodie Dog Express May 29, 2011