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A banstick is a fictional object used by admins of a server to ban people. Used to mean "I will ban them"
"OMG A h4xx0r! I'll go get my banstick!"
by Peter Abrahams February 03, 2006
noun::An imaginary weapon used to smite n00bs. When someone spams or causes trouble on a forum, mods and users alike will refer to it.

I was playing halo with my buddy and I totally took out the banstick on his ass.

he's spamming like no other! take out teh banstick plz!
by jenou April 30, 2007
Internet slang meaning that a person is being banned from access to something, usually an online multiplayer game such as World of Warcraft or City of Heroes.
John: What happened to Joey?
Jill: He got slapped with the ban stick for hacking.
by Tasoli March 07, 2007
Getting caught at school on a prohibited website. So your username on the network gets the ban stick. Basically, you're screwed for the rest of your school career with the ban stick.

Usually, others know you got the ban stick and will ridicule you for it.
Student: Yes! Bangbros
Teacher: What is this!? Go to the principal's office!
Classmate: You're gonna get shafted and the ban stick!
by infemeth March 02, 2007
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